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    Gardening, swimming, relaxing... whatever you like to do outdoors will be so much more enjoyable in the cool shade of your new Lattice shade cover. It's even more gratifying knowing your new cover not only offers comfort but is totally weather resistant. There will be no cracking, warping or splitting - no need for painting. Lattice offers an unsurpassed durability that will preserve its beauty for years to come.

    CUSTOMIZED SHADE Our Lattice shade cover gives the flexibility to determine the amount of shade it provides, from 40% to 60% to total shade. Any combination of shade and sunlight can also be created offering more shade under a portion of the Lattice cover while the other portion allows as much sunlight as desired.

    Patio Covers & Car Ports

    Patio covers and car ports provide economical, solid shade that protects you and your home from inclement weather and harmful UV rays while also providing shade for relaxing.

    INSULATED LRP (LAMINATED ROOF PANEL) - American Home's insulated LRP roof panels are made with an EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) foam core. EPS is a high-performance insulation specified by architects nationwide for many of today's energy efficient homes. Using these insulated panes with our patio components will create a strong, durable patio cover and/or car port.

    Solid insulated LRP combines with embossed aluminum rafters to give enhanced dimension and style to your new patio cover.

    Laminated Roof Panels

    INSULATED LRP (LAMINATED ROOF PANELS) – American Home's insulated LRP roof panels begin with baked enamel finish on aluminum skins. These aluminum skins are permanently pressure bonded to a 3" core of EPS (Expanded PolyStyrene Foam).

    EPS is a high-performance insulation specified by architects nationwide for increased energy efficiency of your home. Using these insulated panels with our patio components helps create a stronger, more durable Cover.

    Screen Rooms

    American Home's screening is made of high-grade fiber glass coated in a pvc resin resulting in a long lasting, durable enclosure that allows you to enjoy your new space while keeping Mother Nature's pests out.

    COLORS - We offer an array of colors, as well as your choice of distinct textures that will make it easy to design a screen enclosure that perfectly compliments your home.is a high-performance insulation specified by architects nationwide for increased energy efficiency of your home.

    GUTTERS & DOWNSPOUTS are options that channel rainfall away from your Screen Enclosure and your home's foundation.


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